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Manisha Pai

Information Technology and Management
Data Management
Graduation Year
May 2018 (Anticipated)

Manisha Pai

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Why did you come to Illinois Tech?

I chose Illinois Tech to pursue my Masters in Information Technology and Management and because the coursework here is flexible and customized in such a way that offers diversification with the latest technologies.

Why did you choose your major and specialization?

I chose ITM with a specialization in Data Management because the jobs for this particular specialization are in greater demand than that of the Management Information System (MIS) specialization. Also, the Data Management courses are more practical to educating myself before securing employment. Additionally, the Data Management courses have some interesting subjects like Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, Database Security, Client-Server Architecture, etc.

What is your favorite thing about being a student at Illinois Tech?

The best thing about this university is that there are video recordings done for most of the lectures taken in class, which offers later reviewing if needed.

How has Illinois Tech helped you?

Illinois Tech is a diversified university with students from various cultures I can interact with regularly. This helped me to better communicate with other people and know their cultures better.

How are the courses like? How do they help you? (Prepare for jobs/career)

Courses are pretty challenging and it takes a lot of effort to accomplish the day to day assignments provided us. Assignments are tough with many strategies, which demands a great amount of hard work from us to gain expertise. Ultimately this will make it easier for us to obtain job interviews and be hired with sustainable employment. These specialization subjects are required for employment and are in great demand for the industry.

How is the academic experience? How does it compare to your previous educational experience?

Unlike the courses offered at my previous educational institution, which was more theoretical, the academics are more practical here, requiring weekly assignments to learn concepts and keep focus on a career perspective. Weekly assignments makes it easier for me to prepare for the mid term and final exam.

How is campus life? What do you like to do?

Campus Life is fun-filled and interesting with many activities happening around the campus.Many organizations visit the campus, whereas I take part in mostly technical events.The university also indulges in sports activities, one of which is 'IMLeague', where there are many tournaments, of which I have participated.

Thinking about the resources provided to you by your Department (labs, faculty, networking and career events, competitions), what do you find most valuable and why?

The faculty of my department has vast IT experience and links with many organizations. They offer advisement and support, guiding and leading us toward a proper career path. For career events, the career fair is twice annually and helps students to obtain an internship and finally land a job.

Career placement/assistance?

Career services located at Hermann Hall plays an important role in providing guidance for the student career opportunity. The career services center reviews our resume, cover letter, and also tracks students' coursework to ensure the students are on a proper path for their future.

What were your concerns about coming to Illinois Tech?

Before coming to the university, safety around the campus was one of my major concerns. As I heard a lot of stories about mugging and shootings that happened previously, but later I came to know that Illinois Tech provides Safety Patrol to handle such situations which help students getting back home safely without facing these problems.

What is your proudest moment as a student?

Volunteering and participating in many technical and cultural events conducted by IIT makes me feel proud as a student.

If I could do 1 thing over again it would be.

I would start study for my Master's here again at Illinois tech because it gives importance to studies and sports.

What is the biggest challenge you faced as a student?

At the beginning when I joined the university,it was difficult to cope up with all the assignments of the various courses. It was tough to interact with the other students and, in the first few weeks ,I found it difficult to locate the buildings where the courses lecture were held as the campus is huge.

What do you want to do when you graduate?

When I graduate,I would like to maintain a high GPA, sustain a good resume showcasing various skill sets in academics, sports and cultural activities. I would seek for a job pertaining to my interest and specialization.

Advice for other students:

Be efficient,work hard and enjoy every moment of your campus life! This will never come back.

SmartLab Student Projects

Our team was given the task of develop an electronic prototype covering the elements learned in the Embedded Systems course. These elements are electricity, data collection, data transmission, and data presentation. To do this, we created an electronic version of the board game Go.

EcoTower takes Hydroponic farming to the next level by using technology to self-regulate plant growth. Hydroponics is the science of giving a plant the necessities for growth and longevity.

Technology has brought the benefits of incorporated multi-sensor equipment to the masses. Although, the application of sensors and their associated systems has increased and transformed the world forever, the fundamentals of the main sensor types and their functionality has not.

This project is the outcome of multiple semesters work with ComEd to develop a reliable sensor platform.

As an Information Technology student and a person very much interested in Art, it was easy for me to be hooked by Digital Art. Project Aura was an idea that stemmed from my passion for Technology and Art.