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ITM Undergraduate Information

The faculty and staff in the Department of Information Technology and Management are excited that you will be joining us this fall.

ITM Advising and Registering

It is mandatory for new students who have not yet registered for classes to consult with their assigned advisor. Students will get information on classes, course advising, and PIN for registration. Each undergraduate student is assigned an academic advisor who is a faculty member in their major. Academic advisors are also available to discuss opportunities and career plans in the student’s chosen field, as well as to plan and approve coursework that meets department and university requirements.

ITM Undergraduate advising is available individualy with Ray Trygstad or Jeremy Hajek. To schedule an appointment with Ray Trygstad please visit To schedule an appointment with Jermey Hajek please email

ITM graduate advising is available individually with Ryan Nelson. To schedule an appointment with Ryan Nelson please email   

New Student Materials

ITM Curriculum & Graduation Requirements

The Undergraduate Bulletin is the official source for courses and degree requirements. Within the Bulletin, you will find all ITM course offerings, degrees, and minors.


Minors consist of at least five courses (minimum 15 semester hours), are optional, and are frequently cross disciplinary. Since they provide a coherent set of ideas, concepts, and educational experiences in a variety of areas, students may find that they enhance potential for professional development. Students who wish to pursue a minor must consult with advisors in their respective major departments. Courses used to satisfy general education or major requirements do not apply to a minor. Exceptions may be made in individual cases. NOTE: Not all minors are applicable to all majors. You can find a full list of minors in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

ITM Student Handbook

One of the most important resources within the blog is the ITM Undergraduate Student Handbook. This document outlines the policies and guidelines for which ITM students are expected to adhere.

Outlined below are sections that we would like to highlight as they are of significant importance.

  • Academic Honesty: Page 2
  • Program and Course Prerequisites: Page 4
  • Online Courses and Policies: Page 11

Welcome Week

All new, incoming students are expected to be on campus by Friday, August 11, 2017 to participate in Welcome Week Activities.

Illinois Tech Welcome Week Schedule:

School of Applied Technology and Department of Information Technology and Management Events:

  • ITM New Student Orientation, Wednesday, August 16, 11am – 12pm in Wishnick Hall, Room 113
    (MANDATORY event, but you wouldn't want to miss it anyhow!)
  • SAT New Student Welcome Luncheon, Thursday, August 17, 1pm – 3pm in the IIT Tower Lobby

IIT Orientation

Soar Logo

First Year Students

Students are expected to attend SOAR, a 2-day new student orientation program, because it leaves them better prepared to achieve academic success and assists in their transition to the university environment. This is also a great time to begin creating friendships with other incoming and current Illinois Tech students, as there are many opportunities for socializing during SOAR including a trip to the BOG, our on-campus activity center where you can enjoy a game of bowling, table tennis, video games, and more!

Registration: For more details and a checklist of things you can do to get you started as an IIT student, and to register for SOAR, CLICK HERE

Transfer Students

If you are a transfer student there is a program geared specifically to you. You are only required to attend the one day session, but are welcome to come to any of our two day sessions too! We will provide all the information available at regular SOAR sessions simply condensed into a version more helpful for transfer students. It is important to attend SOAR at Illinois Tech because although we recognize you may have had an introduction to college somewhere else, there are many services and expectations unique to the culture of Illinois Tech that are important to learn before your arrival.

For more details and a checklist of things you can do to get you started as an IIT student and to register for SOAR, CLICK HERE

IIT Peer Mentor Program

All incoming undergraduate students (first-year and transfer) are assigned a Peer Mentor. Mentors are upperclassmen students who have attended IIT at least one full academic year. This mentor is your connection to student life at IIT. Students are encouraged to meet with their mentors at least twice a month, but maintain contact with them throughout their first year. Each Peer Mentor is given a budget to program events both on campus and in Chicago. Past events include ice skating in Millennium Park, attending Blue Man Group, Finals Week Movie Night, and the annual You Survived! end of year celebration. 

All first year students (including transfer and exchange students) will get their Peer Mentor's contact information during SOAR. You will hear from your Peer Mentor during the summer, and have the opportunity to meet them during Welcome Week at the Peer Mentor Meet and Greet and the New Student Day of Service. 

Freshman 15

At the beginning of each semester, the Office of Campus Life releases a list of 15 DON’T MISS programs for the semester. These events were selected specifically for their relevance to first year students and acclimation to life on campus. From campus-wide traditions, to cultural gatherings, to Bog events - there’s something for everyone! Students who attend these events will be rewarded based on how many programs they attend per semester.
Freshman 15

Social media for ITM students