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Fall '11 IPROs Facilitated by INTM

INTM faculty will facilitate 8 IPROs (Interprofessional Projects). The projects include:

IPRO 304 Integration of Process Improvements (Will Maurer with Sheldon Mostovoy/MMAE)
IPRO 306 Improving a Global Supply Chain (John Caltagirone)
IPRO 311 Polar Power (Blake Davis)
IPRO 336 Implementing The Plant, Chicago “Vertical Farm” (Blake Davis)
IPRO 338 Techno-Economic Analysis of Electrical Smart Grid Technology Solutions (Dan Tomal)
IPRO 339 Piston and Piston Pin Manufacturing Process Improvement (Phil Lewis)
IPRO 342 Technology & Market Assessment of Opportunities for Scrap Recycling Products (Will Maurer)
IPRO 365 Simply Park: Innovating Solutions to Enhance Driver Experience (Blake Davis)

For detailed project descriptions, visit Both undergraduate and graduate students may take an IPRO course. Within the registration system, IPRO courses are numbered IPRO 497-xxx, with xxx representing the project number as identified above.