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INTM Offers Eight IPROs in Spring '13

INTM Faculty will facilitate the following eight IPROs in Spring 2013:

  • IPRO 304 Integration of Process Improvements (Will Maurer with Sheldon Mostovoy/MMAE)
  • IPRO 320 Incubating Sustainable Urban Agriculture Development Solutions in Chicago (Blake Davis)
  • IPRO 325 Techno-Market Analysis & Demonstration of New Smart Grid Product Development Opportunities (Phil Lewis)
  • IPRO 326 Manufacturing Scheduling and Production Control Improvement (Phil Lewis)
  • IPRO 336 The Plant: Integrating the Farm of the 21st Century (Blake Davis)
  • IPRO 337* Creating a Smart Hub that Enables Better Multi-Sensor Data Capture & Management in Manufacturing (Dan Tomal with Jeremy Hajek/ITM)
  • IPRO 338 Techno-Economic Analysis of Electrical Smart Grid Technology Solutions (Dan Tomal)
  • IPRO 344 Creating a Prototype Food Enterprise Development Center (Will Maurer)

For detailed project descriptions, visit Both undergraduate and graduate students may take an IPRO course. Within the registration system, IPRO courses are numbered IPRO 497-xxx, with xxx representing the project number as identified above.

* IPRO 337 will be offered at IIT's Rice Campus in Wheaton.