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INTM Offers New Fall '12 Industry Project Opportunities (IPROs)

Following is a list of the fall '12 scheduled INTM IPROs:

  • IPRO 304 Integration of Process Improvements (Will Maurer with Sheldon Mostovoy/MMAE)
  • IPRO 324 Integrated Approach to Material Certification and Supplier Management
  • IPRO 326 Development of a Smart Gearbox (Phil Lewis)
  • IPRO 336 The Plant Chicago: Commissioning the 21st Century Farm (Blake Davis)
  • IPRO 338 Techno-Economic Analysis of Electrical Smart Grid Technology Solutions (Dan Tomal)
  • IPRO 343 Stationary Batteries for Load Shifting and Renewable Power Application (Blake Davis)

Students may choose an INTM IPRO or any IPRO offered by another department at IIT. Project descriptions are posted at Undergraduate students are required to take two IPRO courses; graduate students may opt to take an IPRO to gain project and/or team experience. Within the registration system IPRO courses are numbered IPRO 497-xxx, with xxx representing the project number as identified above.

For summaries of selected past INTM IPROs, click here.