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INTM Professor Herb Shields Discusses Career Preparation on Blog Talk Radio

Herb Shields has stepped into a new role within the INTM Program, that of Career Development Advisor. He is well suited to help students find good jobs in industry, with 30+ years of experience as an operations executive in capital equipment, automotive, electrical machinery, and consumer products companies. Professor Shields has developed a network of relationships with companies looking to hire talented managers. As VP of Materials Management at Helene Curtis, he led the supply chain organization which helped the corporation win Vendor of the Year awards from Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

Shields’ ability to make connections led him to meet Melissa Wilson, founder of Networlding, a company that she describes as “a firm dedicated to serving thought leaders who want to become authors and use their thought leadership to make a difference in the world.” Wilson is working on a book focused on helping college students get better starts in their careers, and she invited Shields to speak on this subject for her Networlding Blog Talk Radio station.

Shields’ 37-minute interview with Ilana Greene, a reporter for Forbes and the Chicago Tribune, covers a number of topics related to conducting a job search in today’s online, computer-connected world. The thing he stressed repeatedly is the importance of remembering “who you are” whether online or in an in-person interview. This was something he learned in one of his first jobs, and it helped him maintain his integrity through many high-level negotiations with important people throughout his career. He enjoys sharing this philosophy with his students, and helping them put it into context in their own real-life situations.

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