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IIT Students Make a Splash at IFT 2013

Congratulations to Seminar Day(s) Winners!

The Fourth Annual Graduate Student Seminar Day(s) was a great success and all of the FST/FPE students worked very hard and did a great job! The sessions were chaired by T.J. Fu, Kathir Krishnamurthy, Carol Shieh and Ramesh Yettella. The presentations were ranked by our panel of judges including: Greg Fleischman, Robin Kalinowski, John Koontz and Qian (Sherry) Sui. The judges ranked the presentations based on the following criteria:

1. Quality of Scientific Research
2. Power Point slides
3. Oral Presentation

The awards were presented by Drs. Robert Brackett, Rich McDonald and Jason Wan to the students at the end of the second day, Thursday, May 16th. The awards are as follows:

1st Place --$300 and a certificate -- Ms. Xi Zhang
2nd Place --$200 and a certificate – Ms. Jiaojie Zheng
3rd Place --$100 and a certificate – Ms. Ruoyang Xu

Congratulations to Xi, Jiaojie and Ruoyang (Doris)! Well done!