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New INTM Faculty and Courses for Summer and Fall 2014

INTM welcomes a new faculty member, Lori Kleiman, SPHR. She will teach Human Resource Management (INTM 425), beginning with the summer session 2014. Ms. Kleiman is an accomplished HR consultant with a focus on helping middle market organizations grow from inception to 750+ employees.

Also this summer, we are offering two courses: Facilities & Construction Administration (INTM 413), taught by Dr. David Arditi, and Sustainability of Critical Materials (INTM 460/560), taught by Don Tijunelis. Summer session D (12 weeks) begins on Monday, May 19. Session B (8 weeks) begins on Monday, June 2.

For fall 2014, we have added a new Graduate course to our Supply Chain Specialization: Supply Chain Strategies (INTM 547), taught by John Caltagirone. This course is designed to explore various methods for assessing a firm's internal and external supply chain network including Product Life Cycle Management (PLM), inventory optimization, network design optimization, management tools for optimizing supply chains, interdepartmental relationships in organizations, in-house vs. third party approaches, and suitable performance measurements.