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Embedded Systems Students give Final Project Presentations - Fall 2014

People looking at student projects

Automation, On - Wearable Home Automation Framework
Imagine using a smart phone or smart watch to do more than check your email! Using the latest in technology, you can control household items such as toasters, lights, and even coffee pots using a simple web-server and REST APIs.
Students: Bart Dworak (ITM), Sydney Hardwick (ITM), Olivia Minton (ITM), Eduardo Villanueva (ITM)

Home Automation - Building a Smart Home
Using openHAB — a vendor and technology agnostic open source automation software for your home — this team showed how to control everyday home devices in an intelligent way and provide metrics gathering for those devices through a smart hub.
Students: Brian Curtis (ITM), Awa Ka (ITM), Dean Nelson (ITM), Colin Redmond (ITM)

Following Mirror
This project focused on tracking devices and electronics that are able to follow a human’s movement. Using sonic range finders for detecting facial movement, the group transferred the movement to servo motors which will rotate a mirror to match a person’s movement.
Students: Kyeongmin Kang (ITM), Jusung Mun (ITM), Cheol-won Seo (ITM)

RFID ID Reader for Class Presence
Based on an environment in which all students have unique RFID cards (e.g., university ID card), an electronic device was designed to automate the check-in and attendance verification processes in a classroom. The professor is able to check student attendance data through an Excel file which is modified automatically by the system. The interface is user-friendly, therefore users don’t need any IT/electronics background to work with it.
Students: Bianca Canalli Zagueto (INTM), Josmar Baruffaldi Cristello (MMAE), Javier Moreno Valdecantos (ITM)

Mobile Flood Prediction System
Floods are a serious problem in many parts of the world, which affects many people world-wide. Floods should be predicted but also detected. This project hopes to create a mobile flood prediction system that can be placed in rivers and streams and report wirelessly to a central data recording system for better real-time prediction and analysis.
Students: Alysson Gustavo Andrade Souza (CS), Luiz Mariano Pinto (MMAE), Israel Aries Candido (ECE)

Automotive Media Center with Real-time GPS tracking
This project involves retrofitting cars with a touch screen Media Center powered by a XMBC and raspberry pi. In addition this project provides GSM connected GPS based tracking of the car for location and anti-theft services. All which are connected to a web based application and enabled by simple SMS (text messaging)
Students: Clint Bhola (ITM)

Let Me Show You The Future -- Internet of Things Networking
Internet of Things is a way to describe a pervasive network of sensors and small devices spread across our daily lives. The problem up to this point has been how to make transmission of that data powerful and easy. Now there is a way through technology from to combine the ease of WiFi and the distance of cellular into one simple bridge for any standard embedded systems project.
Presenter: Jeremy Hajek (Industry Associate Professor ITM department)

Why - The ITM program in the School of Applied Technology seeks to work with other programs, integrating efforts and producing cross-curricular project results. Frameworks for additional research possibilities will result, enabling researchers and departments to learn and grow together. Contact: Jeremy Hajek 630-666-1961 or Dr. Dan Tomal 630-510-8143

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