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Real-Time Communication Presentations and Demonstrations - Fall 2014

Picture of Real-Time Communications Students

IIT Information Technology and Management students presented and demonstrated their Real-Time Communications projects to a crowd of communications professionals.  Students were challenged to conduct research, test and deploy solutions as part of the project-based learning approach at the School of Applied Technology.  Unlike a final exam, these students had to provide a working system and defend it in front of a crowd of industry professionals – some with 30 years of experience.

Presentations included:

  • The Gateway Project - A gateway SIP Proxy interconnects the lab test beds enabling mobile calls to flow through to our NG911 test bed, Voice over IIT system, and WebRTC environment. 
    Student - Cruz Tovar
  • NG9-1-1: Performance Testing a Production Ready NG-911 System for the Countires of Southern Illinois - Our Emergency Services IP Network (ESINet) is used by the National Emergency Numbers Association to test the interoperability of elements of the ESINet architecture. Students supported the setup and testing and also did performance tests for early adopters of the new technology. Both types of testing will be described.  
    Student -
    Bart Dworak
  • Non-Repudiation of Voice-Over-SIP Conversations
    Students -
    Yango A. Colmenares

  • VoIIT Project v2: Building a VoIIT Test Bed using FreeSWITCH
    Students -
    Nkechi Ijeh and Shefali Verma

  • SIP: SIP Performance Benchmarks - Automated application of a SIP performance test methodology to various SIP Proxies - results and their analysis.
    Students - Yueqing Zhang, Arthur Clouet and Oluseyi S. Awotayo

  • SIP Mobility - The OpenBTS a SIP-based cellular phone system will be demonstrated and its architecture, behavior and use will be described.
    Students - Adesola Ayodele

IIT has two Real-Time Communications labs – one at the Rice Campus in Wheaton and at the Main Campus. 

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