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Kraft Food Group Sr. Manager Speaks to APICS IIT Student Chapter

In the January 2014 meeting of the Association of Supply Chain and Operations Management (APICS) IIT Student Chapter, members heard from Mark Calhoun, Sr. Manager of Procurement, Planters, at Kraft Food Group. His remarks titled "The Importance of Knowing the Critical Metrics in Key Supply Chain Roles," drew from his 13 years at Kraft where he has been in numerous Supply Chain roles. Current APICS IIT Student Chapter President and BINTM student, Anwar Pathan, was impressed by Calhoun’s useful insights about how the world and the ability to gather data is affecting the supply chain profession. Specifically, Calhoun spoke about the lessons that Kraft has taken from changes in branding, core business, and cash flow. He pointed out some common misconceptions about supply chain management that have led Kraft to change its business model in recent years. The APICS IIT Student Chapter in collaboration with APICS strives to bridge the gap between industry and academia through on-campus seminars, lectures, and workshops, and off-site national student competitions and facility tours. INTM assists in paying student membership fees for the first year.

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