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ITM's Jeremy Hajek is interviewed for ABC 7 News on Hacking

Jeremy Hajek, Industry Associate Professor of Information Technology and Management, was interviewed for a story on hacking high-tech houses.

The ABC7 I-Team uncovered how your high-tech house could be opened by criminals.

Hackers aren't just after your online data. Now, wireless connections on everyday home products are creating new safety concerns for homeowners. The I-Team's investigation reveals digital back doors that could be leaving your family vulnerable to attack.

Experts say inserting a backdoor on a device that you then buy for your home is just one way hackers could get inside your network. Weak security on home wireless networks is another targeted entry point.

"It's the network you need to protect, and that access in," said Jeremy Hajek, a professor at Illinois Institute of Technology.

Hajek cracked a common home router with brute force by using a hacking program to try every possible password combination until it spit out the network key - and he was in.

"Once you can get the network key, basically you can then, it's as if you were in the person's house, you were another device, because you're on their network," Hajek said.