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IIT Real-Time Communications faculty, staff and students help make TADHack 2015 a success

Illinois Institute of Technology Real-Time Communications Lab recently hosted TADHack at the Idea Shop on IIT’s Main Campus on Saturday, June 13 and Sunday, June 14 .

TADHack in 2015 was roughly double the size of last year, with close to 1400 registrations, 800+ attendees and 90+ hacks. It was an intense experience for everyone involved.

Carol Davids, Director, Real-Time Communications Lab and Industry Professor of Information Technology and Management coordinated the Chicago TADHack at Illinois Institute of Technology. She was assisted by IIT students, staff and volunteers.

Cooperation between teams was amazing, diversity is important to winning, and the sponsors had an intense couple of days as developers hacked hard on their APIs and platforms.

Alan Johnston, Assistant Professor of Information Technology and Management, entered a WebRTC Security project along with his team of ITM student Mahak Patil and Dan Burnett. His team was not competing  for a prize, rather using TADHack as a platform to promote an important security issue on ‘man in the middle attacks’ with WebRTC.
See the video on YouTube

Illinois Institute of Technology TADHack entries included the following:

Voice to text/text to voice 911 (BNG 911) - winner of the Chicago location prize
Amed Arnaout  
See the video on YouTube                      

Employment interview using WebRTC (Inter-E-View) - winner of the Forge by Acision sponsor prize
V.S. Kashyap and Naveen Srinivasan
See the video on YouTube        
Shared interest chat using WebRTC (Connect Me)             
Chetan Munegowda 
See the video on YouTube                             

Itua Ijagbone and Chatainya Reddy Chatla
See the video on YouTube                             

Travel aid to assist emergency services (TakeMeThere)
Norman Montgomery   
See the video on YouTube                                

Video registering smartphone to Restcomm via WindyCitySdr
Martin O'Shield, Windy City SDR 
See the video on YouTube            

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