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IIT School of Applied Technology Announces Summer Research Project Courses

Summer Options for Brazil Scientific Mobility Project (BSMP) Students

IIT School of Applied Technology is pleased to offer the following research courses created specifically for students from Brazil who will attend IIT this summer with the support of the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP).  BSMP allows students to study engineering at an American University for a full year, and requires participants to complete a research project at any of several different universities while in the U.S.  The SAT courses allow the students to meet this requirement while spending the summer in Chicago at IIT.

Registration begins April 6.   The 8-week session is from June 1-July 25.  

Housing is available here

INTM 462-152 Special Topics in Sustainability: Energy Audits

CRN 32476 – 3 credits – Mon/Wed 3:00-5:40 pm
Faculty: Dan Tomal (

Many buildings are energy inefficient and costly to maintain. This course will focuson the technical and social challenges in developing solutions to improve energy efficiency in buildings. You will learn about the employment of new technologies, alternative energies, energy conservation strategies, and more. Student researchwill include conducting energy analysis of buildings, thermal measurements, and exploration of smart technologies for lighting, communication systems, HVAC control/monitoring, energy storage, and more.

INTM 497-106 Special Projects: Sustainable Energy Research

CRN 32485 – 3 credits – Tue/Thur 10:00 am-12:40 pm
Faculty: Blake Davis (

The world is undergoing a transition from fossil fuel-based energy production to renewable energy production, which requires increased energy efficiencies and energy conservation measures. In this course, students research a problem relatedto energy conservation or energy production. Learn about the obstacles to fully sustainable energy systems and how research is converted into commercially viable businesses. Projects will include opportunities to exercise industrial design skills.

ITMT 495-170 Topics in Information Technology

CRN 32692 – 3 credits – Mon/Wed 9:30 am-12:10 pm
Faculty: Jeremy Hajek (

Undertake research on intelligent devices, small computers and wearable technology. The Arduino platform will be used as a base for high level programming languages, giving intelligence to analog and digital sensors. Hands-on lab exercises will include designing prototypes for use in sensor networks and developing platforms into commercial applications. Projects can be group or individual; no previous electronics experience is needed.

Apply for summer admission to IIT!

Please note “Brazil Scientific Mobility Program” in the application field “How did you hear about IIT?”

Once admitted, students must email the instructor to request a registration permit. 

Questions? Natalie Eagan, IIT One Stop Office Pam Houser, INTM Program
Contact us!, 312.567.6961, 312.567.3584