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Illinois Tech Showcases Partnership with ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania

Illinois Tech President Alan Cramb welcomed the President of ISM University of Management and Economics in Vilnius, Lithuania, Dr. Alfredas ChmieIiauskas, to the Mies Campus on October 23.  Illinois Institute of Technology and ISM University, established an agreement in 2014 creating two dual degree programs for ISM students who study in the Industrial Technology and Management Program at Illinois Tech.  The arrangement allows ISM students to earn a bachelor’s degree at both institutions through eight (8) semesters of study, or two master’s degrees through five (5) semesters of study. Dr. Chmieliauskas is newly appointed ISM President since the initial agreement was created. He met with several IIT Administrators including Dr. C. Robert Carlson, Dean, IIT School of Applied Technology, and Mazin Safar, Director, INTM, and signed a new document as an expression of support for this partnership between the two universities.  (Pictured, left to right, Dr. C. Robert Carlson, Dr. Alfredas ChmieIiauskas, Mazin Safar, Mary Dawson, Associate V.P. for International Affairs).