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4 Illinois Tech students participate in Future Founders Startup

4 Illinois Tech students participate in Future Founders Startup
Eric Tendian (SAT)
Carlin Katz (ACE)
Aurora Suges (ACE)
Sunny Shah (Lewis)

Future Founders partnered with Designation, a leading UX/UI design school in Chicago, to host this unique entrepreneurial workshop on 10/24 at 1871.

Design has three major components: thinking, evaluating, and making. Many non-designers view design as only the making aspect – moving around shapes and copy to create an interface or branding assets. We'll cover the thinking aspects of design and how non-designers can utilize design thinking to improve their business. Design thinking is a creative problem solving approach that utilizes research, collaboration, and iteration to make conscious and strategic design decision that lead to innovations. The students that participated in this event learned about design thinking, design research methods, and design strategy through a unique combination of lecture, videos, and hands-on activities, all while interacting with students from other schools.

Students from Future Founders Startup partner schools were invited to participate (it was an invitation sent through faculty to include deserving and interested student leaders). 21 students from 13 schools across Chicagoland involved, including Illinois Institute of Technology, Northwestern, DePaul, Trinity Christian College, Chicago State, Columbia, SAIC, UIC, and more.