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Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP) Video Contest

Please watch the videos and vote for your favorite. You may share the videos with your family and friends. You may vote one time and only for 1 video. Voting ends Friday, August 12 at 4:00 pm CST-Chicago time).

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Students in the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program

Additive Printing Applications for Specialty Bicycle Components

Bluetooth Beacon

Design of a Fan to Meet the 4 Inch Rule

Design Of Custom Footwear Using Additive 3D Printing

Design of Sustainable C S Housing

Energy Saving Innovation

Energy Efficiency Group 2

Energy Consumption Monitoring

Facilities Database

GPU/PCI Passthrough in Linux KVM for Building On Demand GPU Clusters

Great Lakes Intermodal Port Authority of Chicago

Hermann Hall Energy Audit

Introduction to Silent Corruption

Intelligent Growing Module

Integration of Anti Drowsy, Animal and Potholes Avoidance and Retrofitting Automobiles with 360 Degree

iSCSI packet injection

Lamp Sense

Microclimate Design in Urban Temperate Climates

Remote Utility Vault Monitoring System

Suburban Metropolitan Area Rapid Transit

Use of Power Take off Systems in Tractors

Using DNS for Malware Command & Control

Whole House Filtering System for Air Pollution

Window Latch