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SAT Chicago Innovation Challenge Winners!

INTM Chicago Innovation Challenge WinnersIIT 1st Place Chicago Innovation Challenge winners include INTM undergraduate student Venika Jarvis (left) and Stuart graduate student Karen Castillo (right). Their product, Reveler, is a backpack for those with vision impairments or vision disabilities. Venika Jarvis states "when the user is wearing the backpack and it is turned on, sensors detect when a person or object is within proximity of the user. When products similar to Reveler are created that are assistive technology, it becomes so much more larger than the creators. It’s about enhancing the lifestyle of its user and trying to make their daily routines easier. Reveler is a product we believe can change how people look at the world.

Click HERE to watch a video demo of Reveler !

ITM Students Pratyusha Mudrakarta and Elizabeth Sebastian Rebello took 2nd Place with their project entitled A Safe Route Indicator, an overlay for maps that gives you real time information regarding crimes in the area, allowing you to reroute to a safer path. They will get $1000 and 6 weeks free rent (a $300 value) at mHub Co-Working Space!

ITM Student Quentin Bayart and INTM Students, Guillaume Boulanger, Louise Siaud and Florian Wahl, won 3rd Place with their project entitled HubRoad - on the road to Success,  a plug in that can be added to email to organize and track the job hunting process. They will get $500 and 6 weeks free rent (a $300 Value) at mHub Co-Working Space!

Click HERE to watch a video demo of HubRoad !