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Six IIT and INTM Students Attend APICS National Conference in Washington D.C.

INTM student, Belén Silvestre Molines, came to Illinois Tech from Spain to pursue a Supply Chain specialization in the Master of Industrial Technology and Operations (MITO) program. She soon became a member of the IIT APICS Student Chapter, and was given the opportunity to go the the 2016 APICS National Conference in Washington D.C.   

The APICS National Conference annually draws more than 2,000 attendees from 50 countries to learn, share, and engage with colleagues focused on elevating supply chain performance in companies of all sizes and industry designations. This year’s Conference featured 65+ sessions concerning the most pressing and pertinent issues in supply chain, logistics and operations management over three days.  The speakers included business leaders, authors and innovators discussing how to push past traditional limits, uncover new solutions and increase customer value. 

Belen and her classmate, Sarbesh Rath, shared enthusiastic reviews of their experiences with others in INTM.  Belen says that the best part was “attending the Keynote presentations, where Bill McDermott [Chief Executive Officer, SAP] and Mel Robbins [Commentator and Legal Analyst, CNN] gave two very inspiring speeches that gave me extra motivation to keep fighting to get the job and the life I want to live.”  She learned about some practical supply chain management tools, while also discovering the benefits of networking.  This Conference was Belen’s first time attending such a large event.  Not only did she find the educational sessions valuable, she also learned a great deal just by talking to other attendees and asking questions about the industry and their jobs.

INTM has a longstanding partnership with APICS.  Mazin Safar, INTM Program Director, is the Faculty Facilitator for the APICS Chicago Chapter Student Group, and Rich Gendon, APICS Chicago Chapter Secretary is a member of the INTM Advisory Board.  Belen and Sarbesh both noted how much they appreciate the INTM faculty and staff, and APICS leaders for their support of APICS’ professional development activities.  Sarbesh says, “I am grateful to have such helpful and wonderful people around me who are not only my mentors, but also with whom I can share my experiences without hesitation.”