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INTM Graduate Students Research Blockchain at National Conference

Alejandro Garach, a conference attendee from MIT Sloan School of Business, and Juan Martinez pose for a photo in Boston
Photo (left to right); Alejandro Garach, a Conference attendee from MIT Sloan School of Business, and Juan Martinez in Boston.

Alejandro Garach and Juan Martinez, two graduate students in the Illinois Tech Industrial Technology and Operations (MITO) program, recently attended a “Business of Blockchain” Conference in Cambridge, MA, organized by MIT Technology Review in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab Digital Currency Initiative. Blockchain technology creates distributed digital ledgers that enable users to make secure transactions, agreements and contracts while ensuring verification and non-repudiation. This technology is the basis of the popular Bitcoin digital currency.   Juan Martinez is studying the application of blockchain technologies in the supply chain and Alejandro Garach is researching the application of smart contracts using blockchain technologies. During the one-day conference the students heard presentations on Blockchains by academic and industry experts and also networked with MIT Media Lab and other participants.  Both students are at Illinois Tech to complete Special Projects, with the guidance of INTM faculty, as part of an agreement with their universities in Spain.

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