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ITM students Pratyusha Mudrakarta and Elizabeth Rebello's "GoSafe" won in the Illinideas- Social Fuse Competition

Pratyusha Mudrakarta (on the left) and Elizabeth Rebello (on the right)

Congratulations to ITM students Pratyusha Mudrakarta and Elizabeth Rebello who took their idea for “GoSafe” and won in the Illinideas- Social Fuse Competition conducted by the Technology Entrepreneur Center of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They were one of the 9 winners selected among several other teams in universities across Illinois and were awarded with a winning certificate. 

The idea was originally developed as A Safe Route Indicator and earned them 2nd place in the Chicago Innovation Challenge. The GoSafe product is an overlay for maps that gives you real-time information regarding crimes in the area, allowing you to reroute to a safer path. 

Watch the video on YouTube: