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Facilities Management Journal Features Article by INTM Graduate Ana Sanchez and Industry Professor Dr. Gurram Gopal

“The Power of Energy-Efficiency Certifications,” an article by Ms. Ana Sanchez (MITO, 2016) and Prof. Gurram Gopal is featured in the May/June 2017 issue of the Facilities Management Journal (FMJ) of the International Facilities Management Association.  Their work showed that energy performance certifications are useful and valuable. They suggest that facility owners and managers should seek advice from professional engineers and consultants as well as use software that provides visibility into building performance. Managers can then monitor and optimize whole-portfolio energy and sustainability performance more cost effectively. This article arose from a special project Ms. Ana Sanchez completed in the Industrial Technology Program (INTM) at Illinois Tech, with a specialization in Industrial Sustainabililty, as part of her Master’s degree. 

INTM Bachelor and Master degree programs offer five optional specializations.  INTM’s Industrial Sustainability specialization is designed around thoughtful utilization of energy, materials and resources in industry.  Complimentary coursework includes topics such as global warming, oil and commodity pricing, industrial ecology, sustainable practices in manufacturing, power generation, and environmental quality.  Students who choose to complete an independent research project may work with a company to develop solutions for actual sustainability issues, with the guidance of an experienced INTM faculty member, and under the supervision of company personnel.