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Illinois Tech Industrial Technology and Management Student Projects Recognized in Industry Publications

Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) magazine features INTM student project, "Last Mile Logistics: Impact of Customer Service, Delivery Mode and Innovations in B2C Last Mile Shipment Costs” in December 2017 issue.

The “last mile” in transportation and logistics, scaling up disease management protocols, the growth of green energy certifications in commercial buildings, industry applications of Blockchain, and the potential uses of drones for package delivery, are just a few of the topics of recent special projects completed by graduate students in the Illinois Tech Industrial Technology and Management (INTM) program.  Under the supervision of INTM Professor, Dr. Gurram Gopal, many of these projects have been turned into publications in professional journals and magazines and presentations at national and international conferences.

Illinois Tech has joint agreements with several European technical universities that allow visiting international students to earn dual degrees. A number of these students are enrolled in INTM’s Master of Industrial Technology and Operations (MITO) program. INTM faculty works with them to complete individual projects that satisfy the graduate level requirements at their home university. MITO students are encouraged to choose projects in which they can apply the principles that they learn about operations management to actual business cases.  Project research can include working in real companies with managers and senior executives in the students’ specialization or chosen industrial sector.

Dr. Gopal oversees special projects along with several other INTM faculty members who come directly from industry with considerable experience in their fields.  Students who have completed projects work at Amazon, Microsoft, McKinsey, and other companies that are leading the way in technological innovation.