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ITMO 446/546 provides the skills and experience that you will need to work creatively and profitably in the ubiquitous field of Real Time Communications

Students who have successfully completed Telecommunications Over Data Networks
(ITMO 446/546) course are working today at Google, AT&T Labs, Microsoft, T-Mobile,
Telnyx, ComTech, RedSky, INdigital, and many more similar companies, based on the
specialized knowledge they derived from the course.

This course provides the student with the tools needed to integrate real-time audio and
video functionality with IP-based and Web-based applications and services. Students
learn the three basic protocols that are most commonly used in these implementations -

The class is designed to foster innovative thinking and development using hands-on, lab-
based exercises and a semester-long project during which the students conceive and
create an application or service and demonstrate and present it to a public audience at the
end of the semester. Students may build services using existing code distributions and
may also choose to add functionality to these distributions or to design new ones.
The course is held in Illinois Tech Real-Time Communication Lab (RTC Lab) - - and is taught by Professor Carol Davids whose many
years of industry experience and many contacts in industry ensure that the course
provides both historical and current perspectives on the topic and anticipates future

Students enrolled in the course have the opportunity to support the lab's annual
conference - - where they are invited to submit
their resumes for distribution to the participating industry representatives as well as to
enjoy all the associated social events and meals.