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IMTS 2018 Video: Colleges, Companies Join Forces to Appeal to Next-Gen Metalworkers

Jeremy Hajek, Illinois Tech Industry Associate Professor, Information Technology and Management and one of his graduate students, Baker Gregory, Industrial Technology and Management were interviewed for a video at the International Manufacturing Technology (IMTS) Show. Hajek and Gregory were in the Illinois Tech booth at IMTS demonstrating a student project, Using  Augmented  Reality to Turn 2D Machine Modeling into Immersive 3D Holograms, which renders standard AutoCAD and SolidWorks files as an interactive hologram.  Their concept allows for interactive assembly, instruction, and information gathering that makes machine schematics come to life. 

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IMTS is North Americas’ Largest Manufacturing Show with more than 2,500 exhibiting companies, and 129,000 registrations. The Show occupies more than 1.4 million square feet at McCormick Place and attracts buyers and sellers from 117 countries.

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