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Illinois Tech’s Maurice Dawson Member of Team Exploring Technology in Food Production

Maurice Dawson, an assistant professor of information technology and management at Illinois Institute of Technology, was part of a team that recently published a paper, “A Public Policy Discussion of Food Security and Emerging Food Production Management Technologies That Include Drones, Robots, and New Technologies,” in Volume 18, Issue 2 of Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business that looked at the outcomes of technology-driven food-production approaches.

Dawson, Darrell Norman Burrell (Florida Institute of Technology), Calvin Nobles (New America’s Cybersecurity Initiative), Timothy McDowell (Florida Institute of Technology), and Angela M. Hines (University of Arkansas at Fayetteville) researched the benefits and cyber risks, through the lens of food security public policy, of the integration of technology in the food and agriculture industries, particularly as technological determinism—the continuous integrations of technologies to enhance society without thinking about potential implications—becomes more prevalent in these sectors.