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Co-Terminal Bachelor of Industrial Technology and Management/Master of Industrial Technology and Operations

The Bachelor of Industrial Technology and Management/Master of Industrial Technology and Operations (BINTM/MITO) co-terminal degree program provides an attractive opportunity for BINTM students who intend to pursue a graduate degree. The seamless format of the curriculum, the reduction of total credit hours and overall time required, and the ability to maintain undergraduate financial aid scholarships are positive attributes of the co-terminal degree program.

Co-Terminal BINTM/MITO Curriculum

The BINTM/MITO co-terminal program effectively mirrors the BINTM and MITO program curricula, however three (3) courses/9 credit hours of undergraduate requirements are dually applied toward graduate degree requirements. This reduces the total credit hours ordinarily required to complete both degrees from 156 to 147. The graduate curriculum remains flexible to suit students’ professional and career interests. Students will work with an academic advisor to ensure program requirements for both degrees are satisfactorily achieved. Required coursework is as follows:

60 hours: BINTM Admission Requirements (transfer)

27 hours: BINTM Core Courses: INTM 301, 315, 322 404, 408, 409, 410, 414, 425 432

21 hours: INTM Electives (Technical/Specialization)

21 hours: INTM Graduate Electives; at least 18 hours must be 500-level INTM courses

6 hours: Interprofessional Projects (IPRO)

6 hours: Upper-level Humanities Electives (300-/400-level)

6 hours: Upper-level Social Science Electives (300-/400-level)


To apply for the BINTM/MITO co-terminal program, active BINTM students must submit the online application during their senior year (the student must hold an undergraduate designation of U4 or U5) at least one semester prior to anticipated completion of BINTM degree requirements. Applicants must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 to qualify for admission. The co-terminal application is available through the myIIT Portal, within the “Graduate Admissions” channel under the ‘Academics’ tab. Once admitted, students must maintain a GPA of 3.0/4.0 to remain in the program; if GPA falls below this minimum, the student will be dismissed from the co-terminal program.

Completing Co-Terminal Requirements

Students admitted to the co-terminal program are required to consult with an academic adviser each semester to confirm course choices meet co-terminal requirements. Co-terminal students retain undergraduate status and thereby continue to qualify for undergraduate scholarships. Students will receive both the BINTM and MITO degrees upon completion of all co-terminal requirements.

Co-terminal students must complete an online 401 Program of Study form through the Graduate Academic Affairs website prior to completion of nine (9) hours of graduate (500-level) coursework. The 401 form identifies the 30 hours of coursework which will be applied toward MITO degree requirements. Students may apply for graduation at the start of their last semester of attendance through the myIIT portal.

Questions on the BINTM/MITO co-terminal program should be directed to Pam Houser, INTM Program Manager, at 312.567.3584 or