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Supply Chain Innovation Summit Impresses Industrial Technology and Management Students

Illinois Tech’s Industrial Technology and Management (INTM) Industry Professor, Dr. Gurram Gopal, received a warm welcome for his presentation at the Supply Chain Innovation Summit in Chicago in November.  Three INTM international students—Nastaran Ghane, Cristina Marzal Romon, and Mrunal Wani-- had the opportunity to hear him speak about “Exciting Developments in Supply Chain: From Performance Optimization Analytics to Blockchain Experiments.”

Ghane says that attending the Summit helped her to break out of her comfort zone and speak with industry professionals. She learned a lot from their experiences, improved her networking skills and discovered how her academic courses are applicable in actual professional situations.

For Marzal Romon, an international student from Spain, this was her first supply chain conference in the United States.  She too was excited to see how companies were actually using some of the data analysis and optimization methods that she is studying in her Master of Industrial Technology and Operations (MITO) courses.  She is currently working on a Special Project, and the experience inspired her to expand upon her research related to blockchain. 

SEE Professor Gopal’s presentation slides