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Illinois Tech Industrial Technology and Management Program Expands Facilities Course Offerings

Today’s facilities managers are required to have an understanding of increasingly complex technologies and systems to maintain efficient, safe, and sustainable properties. Illinois Tech’s Industrial Technology and Management Program (INTM) faculty with experience in various aspects of facilities management understand this well.  Jim Coates,  INTM Adjunct Professor, and Training Fund Administrator for the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 399 in Chicago is one such instructor.  He helped to facilitate a strong partnership between INTM and IUOE Local 399 when he began to see a growing number of individuals interested in the profession.  INTM and IUOE Local 399 work together to to ensure a continued balance between education and experience.

INTM has added  two new Industrial Facilities courses, INTM 411 Functional Facilities Management (Spring ’18), and INTM 423/523 Sustainable Facilities Operations (Fall ’17) for students working in the facilities field while earning their bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

Two new Adjunct Professors have joined the INTM faculty teaching industrial facilities courses.  Brendan Winters, LEED AP O+M, Vice President, the Stone Group, teaches INTM 411. Christopher Rawson, M.A., Ed., an Instructor with the IBEW-NECA Technical Institute teaches INTM 407 Construction Technology. 

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