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Front-End Web Design and Development

Workshop Overview:

Students will build their own sales website. This course provides students with the concepts and skills to use HTML5 and CSS3 effectively.


Who should attend:

This NxtGen Tech course is open to any high school sophomore, junior or senior (and technically advanced incoming freshmen with IIT Staff approval). No special prerequisite knowledge is required as all courses are taught at an introductory level. Courses are taught in a computer lab and are very hands-on and interactive.


How you will benefit:

  • Increase comprehension of the roles HTML5 and CSS3 play in producing modern web content
  • Participate in project-based learning, and build increasingly intricate websites and applications utilizing real-world web developer techniques
  • Learn to think like a web developer
  • Obtain a foundational level of experience building websites
  • Interact with multiple online resources to enhance web development skills


Workshop objectives (What is covered):

  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML5)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3)
  • Basic website production and development
  • Web development techniques
  • Github Content Management
  • Produce or transform websites according to precise specifications, whether using a fully-featured development environment, a Content Management System, or write code using a simple text editor
  • Participate in project-based learning and building increasingly intricate web sites and applications utilizing everyday web developer techniques



Daniel Krieglstein is a behavioral designer who previously held the position of Director of Behavioral Design at 4D Healthware. He has been teaching in Information Technology and Management Department at Illinois Institute of Technology since 2015.

More about Daniel Krieglstein


Course Dates:

Chicago - July 10-13 (Mies Campus in Chicago)


Course Fees:

$309 (includes lunches)



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