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Game Development and Programming

NxtGen - Game Development

Workshop objectives (What is covered):

Learn to create your own video game by planning your game development to include graphics, audio, and music.

  • You’ll learn to develop a game concept, create a prototype, test it functionality, iterate on your ideas.
  • You will expand on your development environment by adding multiplayer and enhanced gameplay features.
  • Bring your game ideas to life by learning JavaScript and developing video games for your computer and web browsers with our hands-on projects and eventually create your own video game.

Who should attend:

This NxtGen Tech course is open to any high school sophomore, junior or senior (and technically advanced incoming freshmen with IIT Staff approval). No special prerequisite knowledge is required, however, it is recommended that students have some technical knowledge. Students practice hands-on basics and continue into advanced techniques, while building small project-based websites and web applications.

Course Dates:

Wheaton            - June 24-26 (Rice Campus in Wheaton)
Chicago              - August 5-7  (Mies Campus in Chicago)


Course Fees:

$229 (includes lunches)


Registration coming soon