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Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Moving into the Marketplace

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Workshop Overview:

This course is designed to walk students through the process of innovation. Through hands-on activities, students will have the opportunity to take an idea through the design process and find out how to launch it on the market. The primary focus of this class will be to examine the steps between a creative idea and a marketable product, culminating in the creation of a product pitch.


Who should attend:

This NxtGen Tech course is open to any high school sophomore, junior or senior (and advanced incoming freshmen with IIT Staff approval). No special prerequisite knowledge is required as all courses are taught at an introductory level. Students learn innovation and entrepreneurship, and advance to application in real-life scenarios.


How you will benefit:

In this course we will cover the fundamentals of innovation and entrepreneurship:
  • Generating creativity
  • The steps of the innovation process
  • Learn how to determine market-readiness
  • Become the catalyst for organization-wide change
  • Uncover the patterns that comprise disruptive innovation
  • Understand the competitive dynamics of technology
  • Identify future threats to ongoing growth
  • Create strategic opportunities that outpace competition
  • Construct an architecture that drives innovation across business cycles


Workshop objectives (What is covered):

In this course students will:
  • Understanding innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Common myths and misperceptions about each concept
  • Key differences and similarities between creativity and innovation

Creativity is the first building block in solving business problems and leading organizational change. This program will explore the nature of creativity, the steps required to turn a creative idea into a viable solution. Through interactive lectures, discussions and group projects, you will have an opportunity to learn the basics of innovation and the beginning steps of working as an entrepreneur.



Madeleine England is a the Director, Academic Affairs & Student Services and an Adjunct Industry Associate Professor of Information Technology and Management

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Course Dates:

Chicago - July 31 - Aug 3 (Mies Campus in Chicago)


Course Fees:

$309 (includes lunches)



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