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Raspberry Pi - Introduction: Getting Started with your Pi and Building a Gaming Pi

NxtGen Raspberry Pi IntroductionWorkshop Overview:

This is an introductory to course to the Raspberry Pi platform that will help the beginner to advanced user. The course will teach you about the basic components and help you set up your Raspberry Pi (kit included with the course fee). You will work with basic Python Programming, Linux commands and installing the operating system. This project-based course will help you go from opening the box, to the basics and eventually to building a fully functional Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi is a small but full-featured computer on a single board. It plugs into a monitor and you can attach a keyboard, mouse, and speakers. The Raspberry Pi can be used for browsing the web, creating documents and spreadsheets, playing games, watching videos and lots more.

In this camp will explore setting up your Pi for its first use. Understanding the components that make up the Pi, Installing a base operating systems (NOOBS), updating and installing software on it, and practical uses of it. 

Additionally, we will cover the setup of Gaming Pi that allows you to turn your Pi into a retro gaming console (think NES, Atari, Sega). We will look at installation, setup, and how to install freeware ROM's to play games just like it was the 1990's.

  • Raspberry Pi – overview of the kit
  • Operating system installation
  • Python coding
  • Command line programming
  • Linux commands

Who should attend:

This NxtGen Tech course is open to any high school sophomore, junior or senior (and technically advanced incoming freshmen with IIT Staff approval). No special prerequisite knowledge is required, however, it is recommended that students have some technical knowledge. Students practice hands-on basics and continue into advanced techniques while building a small project-based Raspberry Pi.


Louis F. McHugh IV is an Adjunct Industry Professor of Information Technology and Management and ​Director of Information Technology at Illinois Institute of Technology School of Applied Technology.

Learn more about Louis F. McHugh IV

Course Dates, Time, and Location:

Wheaton            - June 24 from 9:30-4:00 (Rice Campus in Wheaton)
Chicago              - July 22 from 9:30-4:00 (Mies Campus in Chicago)


$149 (includes Raspberry Pi and lunches)


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Wheaton Course registration is closed