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Database Security, IT-S 828

About this Course: 

Students will engage in an in-depth examination of topics in data security including security considerations in applications and systems development, encryption methods, cryptography law and security architecture and models.


IT-D 821 Database Concepts with Oracle or equivalent knowledge and experience are required for enrollment.

Course Outline: 

Database Protection and Security, Information Systems Security, Operating System Security, Network Security, Application Security, Internet Security, Client/Server Security
Encryption, SSL, Database Users, Roles, Groups, Workgroups
The Role of the Database Administrator, Developer Security, Database Hackers
Database Good Programming Practices, Database Installation, Configuration, Upgrade and Distribution Security, Database Design Security, Data Integrity, Database System Objects Security, Secure Use (Querying) of Databases, Database Security Policies
Database Security Implementation, Database Security Deployment, Database Security Enforcement, Database User and Object Surveillance, Database Audit; Database Intrusion Detection, Database Backup and Recovery, Database Migration Security
Database Export/Import Security, Database Security Cases and Scenarios

Expected Outcomes: 

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Design, build, maintain, and secure a database application written in Oracle DDL
  • Understand fundamentals of database security
  • Apply relational database security management techniques
  • Know concepts and technologies such as encapsulation (information hiding)

Grading Details: 

Grading/CEU award for this course includes assignments, exams, projects, labs and paper.