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Professional Certificate in Data Management and Analytics

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About this certificate:

The Professional Certificate in Data Management & Analytics is awarded to participants who have completed both the Database Concepts and SQL Databases courses in addition to at least one of the elective courses listed below. Those interested in pursuing this award must complete these three courses. Most often these courses can be successfully completed in one year or less.

Participants who wish to pursue this Professional Certificate would be best served by receiving guidance from a program manager of Information Technology courses. Some courses may be taken simultaneously and some may require prerequisites. Allowing the program manager to assist in planning the sequence of courses would ensure a successful and enjoyable experience as participants reach their goals.

Job Outlook:

The median salary of a Database Administrator is $85,000.*

Related job titles include Database Architect, Database Designer, and Data Processing Analyst.

Job growth in this area is expected to increase 11% through 2024.

Program Details:

This program is designed for participants seeking knowledge that will prepare them for careers in data management and analytics. There are two required courses and one elective choice. Courses are sixteen weeks long for the fall and spring semesters, and are eight weeks long if taken over the summer.


Required courses:

  • IT-D 821 Database Concepts Basic data modeling concepts are introduced. Hands-on database design, implementation, and administration of single-user and shared multi-user database applications using a contemporary relational database management system. Technologies addressed in this course include SQL and relational database management systems such as the Oracle DBMS.
  • IT-D 822 SQL Databases (Undergraduate Level) Advanced topics in database management and programming including client server application development are introduced. Expands knowledge of data modeling concepts and introduces object-oriented data modeling techniques. For graduate level, please check out electives down below Advanced SQL Databases, IT-D 823


The third course may be chosen as an elective from the list below:

*Topics in Data Science and Management is a course that covers a specific area in databases, data science, data management, or data analytics. The topic that is studies may vary from semester to semester based on student or faculty interest. 


Application Information

Tuition for the three-course program $7,950. Students may also elect to enroll in additional courses for $2,650 each. Applying is easy; all you need is a resume! If you have any questions about the IT Professional Certificate program, feel free to contact the Certificate Program Manager & Advisor or see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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