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Professional Certificate in IT Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

IT leadership presentation

About this certificate:

The Professional Certificate in IT Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship is awarded to participants after completion of three courses: Project Management for IT Professionals, Entrepreneurship for IT Professionals and Business Innovation OR two of the three courses and at least one elective courses of the Management concentration area. Those interested in pursuing this award must complete three certificate courses. Most often these courses can be successfully completed in one year or less. 

Participants who wish to pursue this Professional Certificate would be best served by receiving guidance from a program manager of Information Technology courses. Some courses may be taken simultaneously and some may require prerequisites. Allowing the program manager to assist in planning the sequence of courses would ensure a successful and enjoyable experience as participants reach their goals.

Job Outlook:

The median salaries of Computer and Information Systems Managers is upwards of $136,000.*

Job growth is expected to increase 15% through 2024.

Program Details:

This program is designed for students seeking knowledge that will prepare them to be leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in the field of information technology. Courses are sixteen weeks long for the fall and spring semesters, and are eight weeks long if taken over the summer.


  • IT-M 871 Project Management for IT ProfessionalsBasic principles of project management are taught with a particular focus on project planning for information technology hardware, software and networking project implementation. Management of application development and major web development projects will also be addressed.
  • IT-M 881 Entrepreneurship for IT ProfessionalsThis course prepares students to become leaders in information technology and to build IT companies. Students design and develop a prototype IT product and prepare a business plan and venture proposal presentation.
  • IT-M 882 Business Innovation - This course is designed to teach innovative thinking through theory, methods, and practice of innovation. The course incorporates Einstein's thinking and Edison's method to establish the innovation process that can be applied in current business environments. Current economic conditions and global sourcing requires that innovation becomes a leading tool for developing a competitive edge. 


Alternatively, one of the above may be substituted with one of the following elective classes:


Application Information

Tuition for the three-course program $7,950. Students may also elect to enroll in additional courses for $2,650 each. Applying is easy; all you need is a resume! If you have any questions about the IT Professional Certificate program, feel free to contact the Certificate Program Manager & Advisor or see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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