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Course Overview and Disciplines

There are more than 35 different review classes to help prepare you for the state Professional Engineer (PE) and Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam. The online version of the classes are pre-recorded presentations of a review of the types of problems and solutions that may be on the state examination. These videos give the full review experience and contain all the information that the instructor has deemed to be relevant to the subject matter. The live presentation of the class will review some or all of the content of the online class; however, there may be additional information presented at the live class. The live class is intended to allow students to review with the instructor areas that may be of more interest or more in depth review, and to allow the student to ask the instructor specific questions regarding areas of concern. The online version and the live session may not be identical. The live session is meant to be a supplemental component of the course.

  • Fundamentals of Engineering Intern (FE) candidates should take 13-20 of the FE classes depending on their field (CE, CHE, EE, ME or GE - General).
  • Professional Engineer (PE) candidates should take 9-20 of the PE classes depending on their field (CE, CHE, EE or, ME).

Each class includes reviews of theory and sample problems. The instructor for each class is a specialist with experience in the topic area.

A class schedule will be forwarded to all registrants 1-2 weeks before the first class. See below for an overview of preparation courses offered through Illinois Institute of Technology. 

NOTE: Registration may be made for individual sessions of the review courses but registering for the full course is the best value.

Course FE Majors PE Majors
Chemical Engineering 1 (FE-PE), SC 015 - Live & Online CHE, GE CHE
Chemical Engineering 2 (FE-PE), SC 038 - Live & Online CHE CHE
Chemistry Material Science (FE-PE), SC 008 - Live & Online All CHE
Construction Engineering and Surveying I (PE), SC 042 - Live & Online CE CE
Construction Engineering and Surveying II (PE), SC 043 - Live & Online CE CE
Dynamics (FE-PE), SC 019 - Live & Online All ME
Electrical Engineering 1 Circuits (FE-PE), SC 028 - Live & Online All EE
Electrical Engineering 2 Controls (FE-PE), SC 030 - Live & Online EE EE
Electrical Engineering 3 Power 1 (FE-PE), SC 033-Live & Online EE EE
Electrical Engineering 4 Power 2 (PE), SC 034 - Live & Online N/A EE
Electrical Engineering 5 Electronics 1 (PE), SC 035 - ONLINE ONLY EE EE
Electrical Engineering 6 Electronics 2 (PE), SC 036 ONLINE ONLY N/A EE
Electrical Engineering 7 Power 3 (PE), SC 044 - Live & Online N/A EE
Electrical Engineering 8 Electronics 3 (PE), SC 046 - ONLINE ONLY N/A EE
Engineering Economics (FE-PE), SC 037 - Live & Online All All
Environmental Engineering and Wastewater (FE-PE), SC 041 - ONLINE ONLY CE CE
Fluid Mechanics 1 (FE-PE), SC 009 - Live & Online All CE, CHE, ME
Fluid Mechanics 2 (FE-PE), SC 010 - Live & Online All CE, CHE, ME
Fluid Mechanics 3 (PE), SC 011 - Live & Online N/A CE, CHE, ME
Geotechnical Engineering 1 (FE-PE), SC 021 - Live & Online CE CE
Geotechnical Engineering 2 (FE-PE), SC 022 - Live & Online CE CE
Introduction, Ethics & Mathematics 1 (FE-PE), SC 003 - Live & Online All All
Mathematics 2 (FE-PE), SC 006 - Live & Online All All
Mathematics 3 and Computers (FE-PE), SC 007 - Live & Online All All
Mechanical Design 1 (FE-PE), SC 025 - Live & Online ME ME
Mechanical Design 2 (PE), SC 029 - Live & Online N/A ME
Mechanics of Materials (FE-PE), SC 017 - Live & Online All CE, ME
Statics (FE-PE), SC 012 - Live & Online All CE, ME
Structural Analysis and Design I (PE), SC 023 - Live & Online CE, ME CE, ME
Structural Analysis and Design II (PE), SC 024 - Live & Online CE CE
Thermal Engineering 1 (FE-PE), SC 014- Live & Online CHE, ME, GE CHE, ME
Thermal Engineering 2 (FE-PE), SC 020 - Live & Online CHE, ME, GE CHE, ME
Thermal Engineering 3 (PE), SC 026 - Live & Online CHE, ME, GE CHE, ME
Thermal Engineering 4 (PE), SC 031 - Live & Online N/A CHE, ME
Thermal Engineering 5 (PE), SC 032 - Live & Online N/A CHE, ME
Transportation 1 (FE-PE), SC 039 - Live & Online CE CE
Transportation 2 (PE), SC 049 - Live & Online CE CE
Water Resources Engineering (FE-PE), SC 027 - Live & Online CE CE


Online sessions are available for viewing 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and may be viewed multiple times. These sessions remain available for viewing for up to two weeks after the last class. For more information regarding online course delivery with streaming video through our Blackboard Learning System, please visit IIT ONLINE.

Credit for Continuing Education (CEU)

Illinois Institute of Technology School of Applied Technology (SAT) has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). In obtaining this approval, SAT has demonstrated that it complies with the ANSI/IACET Standard which is widely recognized as the Standard of good practice internationally. As a result of this Authorized Provider accreditation status, SAT is authorized by IACET to offer 0.3 CEUs for each of the individual 3-hour sessions of Professional Engineering Review program.