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Purpose of Professional Registration

Professional registration is recognition by the State of attaining a level of knowledge of the principles and practice of engineering. Generally, state registration as a professional engineer is important for those who practice engineering for the general public and/or for the government. Consulting engineering firms, regulated industrial concerns and other organizations dealing with public safety often require registration for responsible engineering positions. A registered professional engineer receives a certificate of registration and is authorized to affix an official embossed seal containing his/her name and registration number to engineering documents of record.

Education and experience in engineering are prerequisites for taking the examinations used to qualify candidates.

Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) status is obtained by those meeting education and experience requirements and who pass an examination on the Fundamentals of Engineering. Those meeting the FE requirements and a second examination on Principles and Practice, qualify for registration as a Professional Engineer (PE). It is possible for qualified individuals to take both examinations on successive dates and obtain PE status directly.