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Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management

INTM Supply Chain Management


The Industrial Technology and Management department offers a Professional Certificate in Supply Chain Management, which is awarded to participants who have completed any three of the courses listed below from the Industrial Technology and Management concentration area of Supply Chain Management (SCM). Most often these courses can be successfully completed in one year or less.

Participants who wish to pursue this Professional Certificate would be best served by receiving guidance from an Industrial Technology Program Advisor. Some courses may be taken simultaneously and some may require prerequisites. Allowing an Advisor to assist in planning the sequence of courses would ensure a successful and enjoyable experience as participants reach their goals.

Job Outlook:

The median salary of a Logistician is $74,000. Related job titles include Production Manager, Buyer/Purchase Agent, and Supply Chain Analyst.


There are no prerequisites.  However, some college experience is helpful. An additional question and answer session regarding prerequisite knowledge for admission may be required.

Program Details:

This program is designed for students seeking knowledge that will prepare them for careers in purchasing/procurement, transportation/fleet management, and inventory control.  Each course is sixteen weeks long for the fall and spring semesters, and is eight weeks long if taken over the summer.

courses (select any three): 

  • INT 809 Inventory Control Fundamentals of inventory control including inventory classifications, i.e. raw materials, work-in-process (WIP), and finished goods. Topics include inventory record keeping, inventory turnover, the 80/20 (or ABC) approach, safety stock, forecasting, dependent and independent demand, lead times, excess/obsolete inventory, and inventory controls.

  • INT 827 E-Commerce in Marking and Supply Chain NetworksThis course covers electronic commerce and its applications in industrial organizations. Topics covered include the role of e-commerce in a firm's business operations and competitiveness, e-commerce infrastructure technologies, e-commerce applications in product development and marketing, and effective use of e-commerce in supply chain management and collaboration. 

  • INT 830 Transportation The role and importance of transportation in the economy and its relationship to the supply chain will be covered in detail. Transportation modes - trucks, rail, air, and water - will be examined for both domestic and global transportation. Costing and pricing strategies and issues will be discussed as well as security issues in domestic and international transportation.

  • INT 841 Supply Chain Management - This course covers the full range of activities involved in the supply chain. This includes management tools for optimizing of supply chains, relationships with other parts of the organization, in-house versus third party approaches, and suitable performance measurements. Topics covered include: Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems (APS), as well as cost benefit analysis to determine the most appropriate approach. 

  • INT 842 Warehousing and Distribution - This course covers warehouse layout and usage based on product requirements such as refrigeration, hazardous material, staging area, and value added activities. Processes covered include receiving, put-away, replenishment, picking and packing. The requirement for multiple trailer/rail cars loading and unloading is considered as well as equipment needed for loading, unloading, and storage.

  • INT 843 Purchasing - Purchasing responsibilities, processes, and procedures are included. Topics covered include: supplier selection and administration, qualification of new suppliers, preparing purchase orders, negotiating price and delivery, strategic customer/vendor relationships, and resolution of problems. All aspects of Supplier Relation Management (SRM) are covered.

  • INT 844 Export/Import - Internationalization of industry requires special expertise and knowledge, which must be taken into consideration throughout all interactions with overseas companies either as customers or suppliers. Topics covered include custom clearance, bonded shipping, international shipping options, import financing and letters of credit, customer regulations, insurance, import duties and trade restrictions, exchange rates, and dealing with different cultures.

  • INT 846 Manufacturing and Logistics Information Systems - This course provides an overview of manufacturing and supply chain information systems, tools, and techniques utilized for effective decision making. Current state-of-the-art and commercially available industrial software packages, such as MRP, WMS, TMS, APS, etc., will be used and their impact on management decision making analyzed.


Application Information

Tuition for the three-course program $7,950. Students may also elect to enroll in additional courses for $2,650 each. Applying is easy; all you need is a resume! If you have any questions about the IT Professional Certificate program, feel free to contact the Certificate Program Manager & Advisor or see our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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