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Performance (SIP Performance Benchmarks)

Real-Time Communications Lab, School of Applied Technology, Information Technology and Management Project
Yueqing Zhang
Arthur Clouet
Soloman Oluseyi
Carol Davids
Real-Time Communications
Course Name/Number
ITMO 546 - Introduction to Data Networks and the Internet
Fall 2014

Desiring to create an automated method for measuring the SIP Performance metric called the Session Establishment Rate (SER), and to measure the SER on as many SIP Proxy elements as possible, the students tested to establish the performance limits of the test bed and the automated tool. The students used the open source tool SIPp to generate SIP traffic loads and used script to cause SIPp to generate loads based on the test algorithm defined in a recent IETF draft. They presented the SER results obtained when testing an Asterisk IP PBX under various configurations and compared these with results obtained in previous semesters using manual test methods.

Download Presentation (Paper) {by Yueqing Zhang, Arthur Clouet, Soloman Oluseyi}

SmartLab Student Projects

The purpose of this project is to improve the current state of security devices. Today, most security companies use several guards for different tasks, but at least one guard has to monitor the cameras or other systems.

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