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The Real-Time Communications (RTC) Lab at the Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech) is a unique venue in which industry and academia connect and collaborate. The lab is an educational facility dedicated to teaching, research and development activities that further the advancement of networked communications. We welcome projects from partners in industry and academia.

Upcoming Events:

Real-Time Communication Conference 2018
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TADHack 2018 at Illinois Tech's Main/Mies Campus in Chicago 
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ClueCon 2018 - Illinois Tech Student to present with Professor Carol Davids
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Recent Events:

Real-Time Conmmunications Student Presentations - April 26, 2018
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Four Illinois Tech students spoke at ClueCon 2017 on Indoor Location Project
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Illinois Tech RTC Lab hosts and supports NENA's ICE 7: Apps, EIDD, Additional Data, GIS/mapping
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