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The Real-Time Communications Lab (RTC lab) will be hosting workshops at various times throughout the coming year.  These workshops will provide another way for the lab to share our work with the public and with the technical community.  We host the annual RTC Conference and Expo, IPTComm, TADHack hackathons, and the semi-annual Student Presentations and Demonstrations.  The Workshops will provide an opportunity for intense, short-term, in-depth exploration of a particular solution, test bed or application.  

Upcoming Workshops

These workshops grow from the RTC Lab’s work in areas including Next Generation Emergency Communications, WebRTC application development and network testing, Next Generation cellular networks and their evolution to packet-based telecommunications using the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP.) 

Today the lab is working on solutions to several important challenges to the delivery of Next Generation Emergency Communications. These include:  The development of a service to automatically provide the indoor location of an emergency caller; and the development of a Web-based, Next Generation Public Service Answering Point. 

Interoperability of NG9-1-1 network components and applications is another important area in which the RTC Lab is active.   The lab hosts the National Emergency Numbers Association’s (NENA’s) Industry Collaboration Events (ICE) for testing the interoperability equipment for NG 9-1-1 networks. This testing is done on the lab’s NG9-1-1 test beds which support multi-vendor testing both on site and through remote connections. 

 A series of workshops will be held in 2016 that feature the NG9-1-1 test beds that are used for testing and developing services and applications that support emergency services over IP networks.