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Digital Systems Technology and Embedded Systems Courses utilizing the Smart Lab

ITMT 492 - Embedded Systems and Reconfigurable Logic Design

ITMT 593 - Embedded Systems

ITMD 453/553 - Enterprise Intelligent Device Applications

ITMD 454/554 - Mass-Market Intelligent Device Applications

ITMD 455/555 - Open Source Intelligent Device Applications

ITMD 456/556 - Intelligent Device Projects

ITMO 444/544 - Cloud Computing Technologies

Courses Related to Digital Systems Technology and Embedded Systems

Information Technology & Management

ITMO 542 - Wireless Technologies and Applications

ITMO 545 - Telecommunications Technology

ITMO 546 - Telecommunications Over Data Networks

ITMD 562 - Web Site Application Development

ITMD 563 - Intermediate Web Application Development

ITMD 565 - Rich Internet Applications

Industrial Technology & Management

INTM 532 - Manufacturing Processes: Electronics and Electrical Systems

INTM 462/562 - Special Topics in Sustainability

INTM 319 - Electronics in Industry

Related IPRO Courses

IPRO 497-213 Energy Efficiency Strategies for Chicago Buildings (ECA)

There are many old, energy inefficient buildings that need upgrading, but due to code and regulations restraints there are not always viable, cost-effective solutions (as outlined by the national competition guidelines of the National Electrical Contractors Association™ (NECA)). These buildings pose adverse conditions to the environment and people with disabilities, offering poor or outdated access and costly energy consumption patterns.

The IPRO team will follow guidelines of the NECA Green Energy Audit to for a building that is selected, offering recommendations of energy efficiency improvements and smart technology solutions as part of the NECA National Electrical Contractors' Association national green energy challenge, competing with several other universities. An energy audit will be conducted working under auspices of the IIT Office of Energy and Sustainability and ECA that offers maximum Return on Investment and most viable Green, cost and energy efficiency improvement. A final report and poster will document the team's analysis and recommendations. The team will use lumen meters and infrared test equipment to support its data collection efforts.

The top three teams nationally will be invited to participate in the NECA conference in Boston to make a presentation that determines the final three rankings. A goal of this IPRO team is to make the final three!
Prerequisite: None 
Corequisite: None

IPRO 497-214 Electro-Mechanical Underground Utility Vault Design at IIT

The IPRO team will work with the IIT Office of Energy and sustainability (OCES) and Contractors Power & Light Company, an ECA member, to refine and develop a viable electronic monitoring system and address other issues associated with the aging vault infrastructure. This may encompass energy and environmental sustainability issues, chemical structure analysis, improved design, restoration improvements, monitoring, and replacement. The team will visit a vault, and the plan is to observe a restoration of a vault which has been agreed with Uretek (a potential additional sponsor of this IPRO).
Prerequisite: None
Corequisite: None

IPRO 338 Techno-Economic Analysis of Electrical Smart Grid Technology Solutions

, has offered students from all disciplines at IIT the opportunity to conduct energy audits and use Smart Technologies to help implement cost-effective green energy plans.