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Full List of Presentations & Shows:

StemExpo 2018

Mr. Freeze - *NEW* Reserve your tickets before the expo!

The Fermilab’s Mr. Freeze Demonstration shows the interesting and fun properties of cryogenics using Liquid Nitrogen (LN2). It is an exciting science based demonstration with lots of surprises and a few explosions. Lots of different roperties and effects of the extreme cold are demonstrated and explained. Make learning science fun for everyone and encouraging kids to become more interested in science in school. You might get a taste of science in the end.

*NEW* This Year – Reserve your tickets before the STEM expo. Spend your time enjoying the expo instead of waiting in line.

Reserve your ticket here:

Show Times: 11:45 am, 1:15 pm, 2:30 pm

Pick up your reserved ticket at the IIT table in the Atrium – 1st floor.

Video viewing of the show available in Room 155. No ticket required and is a good option for those with young children or those adverse to loud noises.

Shows will be full and admittance is NOT guaranteed. 

(SEAOI) The Structural Engineers Association of Illinois

Uncover engineers’ tools of the trade, such as amazing strength of shapes, materials, wind engineering and resiliency, through this interactive and educational program. A hands-on earthquake shake table will allow for construction of your own LEGO® Skyscraper and test it to destruction under a simulated earthquake after each lecture.

Lectures on the Half Hour in room 114, Brian Dekker presents "Last Brick Standing" 
                                                              *Lego kits for the winners!

(SFPE) Society of Fire Protection Engineers  

Learn about Fire Safety! Experience a hands-on demonstration of a modern fire detection and alarm system, and a fire extinguisher simulator unit while exploring various samples of sprinkler heads and related videos.

*Please Note: Demonstrations may be loud. Strobe lights may be used. Those susceptible to flashing lights should take necessary precautions.

(FLL) First Lego League Team RoyalTech

Interact with FLL Robotics game table, see how to build a Lego Robot and program it to perform certain tasks, and learn how it works! Geared towards kids from 4th- 8th grade.       

(SWE-CRS) Society of Women Engineers Chicago Regional Section

Get ready to invent something amazing with playdough circuits! This fun activity will let students' imagination run wild while teaching them the fundamentals of completing an electrical circuit.

(GIFTED) Midwest Torrance Center for Creativity/The Center for Gifted 

Stop by to make slime to take home and enjoy various other interactive displays!

(ASNT) American Society of Nondestructive Testing

Energize metallic powder, use black-lights with fluorescent material, measure sound waves with transducers and use scopes to identify defects in metal. Hands on demonstrations of Nondestructive test methods including: Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Eddy Current, Visual and Ultrasonic inspection methods.

(ASCE-GI) American Society of Civil Engineers – IL Geo-Institute 

Hands on Soil and Rock engineering experiments.

(ANS) American Nuclear Society 

Hands-on demonstrations for radiation detection, a model fuel bundle for a nuclear power reactor, a worksheet to calculate your annual radiation exposure, and information about careers.

Chicago Area Robotics Group (Chibots) 

Variety of demonstrations of both autonomous and interactive robotic devices. Including: autonomous vehicle line following and maze tracking, interactive marble maze, and simulated robotic search and rescue.

Light & Color – Optical Society of Chicago

Learn about light & color in everyday applications around your home, school.  Stop in and work with interactive displays.

(SME) Society of Manufacturing Engineering 

Come for show and tell of what is and is NOT a manufactured product. You may just be surprised by what you find out!

(JS-NM) Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum 

Explore Life Science hands-on activities! Learn more about our FREE natural history museum that is open to the public and welcomes school groups.

(ISPE) Illinois Society of Professional Engineers – Salt Creek Chapter 

Explore the exciting, multi-faceted field of environment, electrical, and engineering through interactive displays.

StemExpo 2018

(ASABE) American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering 

Join us for hands-on exhibits related to agriculture and see a drone demo!

*4 Drone Demos will take place on the exterior East lawn by FX Drone Services Jerry Walton

Demo Times: 10:30 am, 11:45 am, 12:45 pm, and 2:00 pm

ZOOM® – ASCE Illinois Section 

Based on the PBS television series, ZOOM®, activities introduce science and technology through hands-on activities that demonstrate engineering principles.

SciTech Hands on Museum

Tackle the SOMA Cube Challenge! There is often more than one way to reach a successful result. There are 240 different ways to arrange the seven pieces of the SOMA Cube into a 3x3x3 cube. Try dozens of other possible 3D challenges with the SOMA Cubes!

(IEEE-EMC) The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

Experience electrical noise, EMC shielding, and interact with a Van de Graff generator to create static electricity.                                                                                                

(ASQ) American Society for Quality 

Stop by for information on how quality works and get free promotional books. 

Illinois Tech School of Applied Technology/Information Technology & Management 

You won’t want to miss out on Augmented Reality and Voice Assistant demonstrations! Immersive holograms, simple light demo to voice activated Big Data queries.

Illinois Tech Armour College of Engineering 

What do engineers make? Everything! Join students from the Armour College of Engineering for hands-on demonstrations and activities across a broad range of engineering disciplines – civil, chemical, mechanical, biomedical and more!

Möbius Educational Design

Be an engineer in real time: Design, Build & Test a model suspension bridge!

(SAE) Society of Automotive Engineers

Explore demonstrations of aerodynamic effects on cardboard cars powered by balloons with different size nozzle diameters.

(ACS) American Chemical Society Chicago Section 

This year come explore in a paper experiment and a spectroscopy experiment based on this year's "Chemists Celebrate Earth Week" theme "Take Note: The Chemistry of Paper" and the International Year of the Periodic Table.

DiscoverE/ISPE – DESIGN Squad Global 

Engage in hands-on engineering activities to open your imagination to designing, building and testing designs, and even competing for the best, fastest, highest, and/or farthest going design! Discover the power of teamwork.

(DROE) DuPage Regional Office of Education 

“Toying with STEM”, Come play with us! The STEM Team of DuPage Regional Office of Education will engage you with science, technology engineering and mathematics activities.

(AIChE) American Institute of Chemical Engineers 

Stop by and dress up as an engineer so you can “wear your PPE” (Personal Protective Equipment)! Learn what chemical engineers do in practice, and learn the breadth of what chemical engineers make.

Computer History 

My how Computers have changed over the years! Come see some of the 1st computers such as Sinclair, Commodore, and original PC’s. See how computers evolved to the iPad and smart phones of today.

(ASME) American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Fox Valley Section 

Explore what keeps airplanes flying through Principles of Mechanical Engineering and engage in other hands-on activities demonstrating simple machines.

Boy Scout Troop 263 - Coat Room/Stroller Check 

Please check your coats and strollers to allow the STEM expo to be a more enjoyable experience for all.  Donations accepted to support the Boy Scout troop 263 working the room to be able to send scouts to summer camp is highly appreciated.
Girl Scout Troop 1221 - Snack Bar

Stop by and support the troop’s efforts to fundraise for Girl Scouts of DuPage! Science Fair exhibits and fun STEM patches will also be available. Girl Scout Cookies availble in addition to a lunch option. 

Forest Preserve District of DuPage County

Explore how the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County is helping freshwater mussels - one of the most imperiled groups of animals in North America - through propagation and conservation efforts. Examine freshwater mussel specimens plus the equipment engineered to raised them and use a microscope to count glochidia just like freshwater mussel ecologists do.

Illinois Math and Science Academy

Come build and launch a working catapult and race solar cars!

Illinois Tech - Atrium

Get information about the STEM Expo! Learn more about IIT, Summer camps, room rentals, corporate training, and pick-up your reserved Mr. Freeze wristbands.

(EAA-YE) EAA – Young Eagles 

Introduce and inspire kids of all ages to the world of aviation through flight! Stop by and sign-up for EAA Young Eagles Program. Youth ages 8-17 can sign-up for a free flight!

(IFSH) Center for Nutrition Research at Illinois Tech’s Institute for Food Safety and Health

Stop by and learn all about Food Science and Nutrition. See 1st hand how we use ultrasound technology to view blood vessels, see how flexible they are, and watch blood flow. Explore a variety of displays that show how food impacts your health and more!

(ANL) Argonne National Laboratory 

Come hang out with nuclear scientists and try your hand at using a remote manipulator to move impostor nuclear materials. Also stop over to see one of our latest inventions, the Oleo Sponge, that absorbs oil not water, is reusable and can collect oil both above and below the water surface.

(CAP) Civil Air Patrol

Join us to see demonstrations on aviation, interact with a flight simulator, a robotic arm, and more. Stop by and make a rocket or airplane and learn why an airplane flies. There will be demonstrations throughout the day on CAP’S STEM Kits. 

Presentation Times:

10:30 am and 1:30 pm - Toys in Space - Demo of several toys that were taken on the space shuttle & space station and the effects of microgravity on them.   

11:00 am and 2:00 pm - Space Shuttle Tile Demonstration - Demonstration on how the tiles are made and how the heat is absorbed into them.   

12:00-1:30 - Make & Take - Introduction to rocketry, including a brief discussion and demonstration on how model rockets are made and how to launch them properly.                                                                     

(DCM) DuPage Children's Museum

It's Fan-tastic! DuPage Children's Museum believes that children learn best by doing. Come test out Bernoulli's Principle of flight with fans and balloons and make a pinwheel that will spin in the wind!

PC Technologies

Create solar cells using household materials, assemble cells into solar panels, and use it to power electronic devices under sunlight!

KIDS Urgent Care